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Does the name mean something to you? Well; Leonardo of course; but school ... school of what, and where?

We are a school of Italian language and culture for foreigners, with a branch in Florence, in the shadow of Brunelleschi's great Dome, a branch in Roma near Piazza Navona, and a branch in Siena near the Piazza del Campo. And now, from 2005, also a branch in Milan.

And Leonardo... the name is so evocative... Leonardo's genius capable of operating in so many fields; art, engineering, mechanics, hydraulics... and to be honest, the selection of this name was not a casual one: we too, in our small way, in our schools, seek to enrich the learning of the Italian culture.

The Italian Language School Scuola Leonardo da Vinci was founded 1977 in Florence, in the heart of Tuscany. Today the school has course centers in Rome, Siena and Milan, too. The schools are located in the old city center, only a few minutes walk from the most famous sights.


We offer a wide variety of high quality Italian language courses all year round. No matter what your profession or academic goal, whether a beginner student or a teacher of italian, you will benefit from more than 25 years of dedicated experince. Courses start every 2 weeks at all levels, and you can stay as long you want.


Students wishing to study Italian for longer periods are especially welcome at our schools and receive special care and attention from our staff, as well as benefiting from our long-term discounted prices. In addition to the General Italian language courses and Long-term Italian courses, we organize special courses for business and professional purposes, Internship programs, Preparatory courses for University studies in Italy, Courses for Musical Specialization, Examination Preparation Courses for Diploma "Firenze" AIL and also tailor-made private tutorial programs.


At the Leonardo da Vinci schools you can do more than just learn Italian. We offer courses that help you become acquainted with Italian culture, art and fashion while providing extra time to socialize with other students: History of Art, Italian Cuisine, Italian Wines, etc.


The schools are officially authorised by the Italian Ministry of Education. Swedish students can apply for study grants for our schools, since we are recognized from CSN Lund - Sweden (Swedish National Board of Student Aid) for study grants. Our schools are recognized from several German Federal States for "Bildungsurlaub" and from US Universities for Academic credits.


One of the free services offered by our schools is finding a suitable accommodation for our students.


The cities and the surroundings offer a nearly unlimited variety of leisure activities. We organize guided art history visits, film evenings at school, half- and full-day excursions and dinners with students and teachers.

Would you like to know more? Then come and take a journey with the Leonardo da Vinci School!



If you would like to receive more detailed information please visit our website or write to this address:



Scuola Leonardo da Vinci - Central Marketing Office
via Brunelleschi 4 - 50123 Firenze
Telephone ++39-055.290.305 -Telefax ++39-055.290.396


Leonardo da Vinci students


Study Italian in the vibrant seaside city of Viareggio. The italian language school "Giacomo Puccini Centre" organizes all the year round Italian Language and Culture Courses to learn italian in Viareggio, one of Tuscany's most beautiful beaches.


The Italian school in Viareggio is located in the centre of Viareggio, within walking distance from the beach. The school is next to a Pinewood forest where you can go jogging, rent a bicycle, or play tennis. From the school everything is accessible by foot. Facilities also include: full internet service, an out door terrace, gazebo, and a small garden, wheelchair access.

Read more abuout the Italian language school by the sea, in Tuscany.


Art Courses in Italy are presented by the Italian Language School Scuola Leonardo da Vinci
Art Courses in Italy
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ITALIAN LANGUAGE SCHOOL "Scuola Leonardo da Vinci"

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