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THE NABA (Nuova Accademia delle Belle Arti)

Naba Academic of Arts and Design in Milan


NABA is an Academy of Arts and Design which was formed in 1980 by a group of artists, among whom Guido Ballo, Gianni Colombo, Lucio Del Pezzo, Emilio Isgrò, Tito Varisco, Luigi Veronesi, who aimed at challenging the rigid academic tradition by introducing new visions and languages closer to contemporary artistic practice and the creative professions. NABA education integrates the more traditional disciplines of visual representation with the new digital technologies and the critical-project culture of Italian Design. The foundation of NABA educational philosophy lies in applying art to a project, in synthesizing creative and practical abilities and in reaching a perfect balance between critical-methodological and technical-manual knowledge. NABA training programs are based on a cross-disciplinary method aimed at developing artistic-professional skills and profiles in the fields of art, design, fashion, media and graphic design. This approach derives from continuous experimentation, a strong vocation for research, a close relationship with the artistic and productive environment and a focus on the ethical dimension of education.


NABA training programs are divided in four disciplinary areas: Visual Arts, Communication, Design and Restoration. These areas are the reference point for the single programs and the educational curricula for the degree award. NABA education is varied and foresees the different learning methods of individual and group work:


  • Theoretical-critical lessons: students acquire the cultural and methodological tools necessary to enter the job market with awareness and a critical attitude
  • Design laboratories: students can develop self-chosen assignments or projects in cooperation with institutions and companies
  • Tool laboratories: students acquire the various techniques and learn how to use the tools necessary to develop projects


Participation in cross-disciplinary activities and workshops involving different subjects is part of NABA didactic approach and encourages collaborations with professionals, thus broadening the students’ cultural horizons. Students get to know both the art world and the professional world thanks to guided museum visits, meetings with artists, professionals and companies, thereby receiving creative stimuli. Special emphasis is set on individual work through the realisation of self-chosen projects, the participation in the Socrates/Erasmus exchange program, and in short training periods and internships.


NABA BA Hons programs guarantee direct entry into the world of work as well as the opportunity to follow the same educational path within both the academy and the university system in Italy and abroad. The training programs follow the regulations of the Italian Ministry of Education and Research (MIUR) both in the structure of the curricula and in the attribution of credits.

The training aims to develop the following skills:


  • Creativity: the ability to express an individual vision and to plan projects
  • Critical skills and the ability to interact in a social and cultural context
  • Aesthetic sense
  • Historical and critical knowledge of the evolution of the arts
  • Method: ability to connect the moment of ideation with subsequent realization
  • Understanding of materials, techniques and processes
  • Ability to represent and present products and projects by using both traditional graphic techniques and new multimedia
  • Self-promotion skills, team work and orientation in the job market
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