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NABA is an Academy of Arts and Design which was formed in 1980 by a group of artists, among whom Guido Ballo, Gianni Colombo, Lucio Del Pezzo, Emilio Isgrò, Tito Varisco, Luigi Veronesi, who aimed at challenging the rigid academic tradition by introducing new visions and languages closer to contemporary artistic practice and the creative professions. NABA education integrates the more traditional disciplines of visual representation with the new digital technologies and the critical-project culture of Italian Design. The foundation of NABA educational philosophy lies in applying art to a project, in synthesizing creative and practical abilities and in reaching a perfect balance between critical-methodological and technical-manual knowledge. NABA training programs are based on a cross-disciplinary method aimed at developing artistic-professional skills and profiles in the fields of art, design, fashion, media and graphic design. This approach derives from continuous experimentation, a strong vocation for research, a close relationship with the artistic and productive environment and a focus on the ethical dimension of education.

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The Italian Language School Scuola Leonardo da Vinci was founded 1977 in Florence, in the heart of Tuscany. Today the school has course centers in Rome, Siena and Milan, too. The schools are located in the old city center, only a few minutes walk from the most famous sights.

The language schools offer a wide variety of high quality Italian language courses all year round, but the students may do more than just learn Italian. In addition to the language courses, the school offers courses in Italian art and fashion, Italian culture as well as examination courses for Italian certificates.

The schools are officially authorised by the Italian Ministry of Education. Read more about the Italian Language Schools Scuola Leonardo da Vinci.

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CENTRO CULTURALE GIACOMO PUCCINI - Italian language school by the sea, in Tuscany

Study Italian in the vibrant seaside city of Viareggio. The italian language school "Giacomo Puccini Centre" organizes all the year round Italian Language and Culture Courses to learn italian in Viareggio, one of Tuscany's most beautiful beaches.


The Italian school in Viareggio is located in the centre of Viareggio, within walking distance from the beach. The school is next to a Pinewood forest where you can go jogging, rent a bicycle, or play tennis. From the school everything is accessible by foot. Facilities also include: full internet service, an out door terrace, gazebo, and a small garden, wheelchair access.

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Art Courses in Italy
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