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Starting dates: every 2 weeks
Duration: 2 weeks
Lessons: 12 in 2 weeks
Tuition: 2nd ability level and above
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Are you fascinated by Italy's magnificent cultural works? Our course on the History of Italian Art will enable you to understand its history and social background. The course is designed to show, by means of slides and guided visits, the development of art in Italy in relation to the rest of Europe and offers you an introduction to the most important artistic styles (Romanesque, Gothic, Renaissance, Baroque). You will become acquainted with the most important works of artists such as Botticelli, Leonardo, Raphael and Michelangelo while learning about the most significant historical and social events that accompanied them.

The program foresees the following subjects:


- Introduction:


  • General and historical lists;
  • The Romanesque period.


- The XIII century:


  • Architecture - passage of the French Gothic in Italy;
  • The "Italian" Gothic;
  • The sculpture: from Nicola Pisano to Arnolfo di Cambio.


- The architectural and urban transformation between the XIII and the XIV century

- Florence and Siena in the XIV century:


  • Cimabue and Duccio;
  • Giotto;
  • Simone Martini and the Lorenzetti brothers;
  • Florence in the second half of the century;
  • Traces of international Gothic.


- Brunelleschi and the revolution of perspective:


  • The three fathers of the Italian Renaissance: Brunelleschi, Donatello, Masaccio


- The first Renaissance:


  • Florence in the first half of the XV century


- Florence in the second half of the XV century:


  • The cultural environment of Lorenzo il Magnifico and Botticelli


- Leonardo da Vinci

- Rome, artistic capital:


  • Raffael and Michelangelo
Art Courses in Italy are presented by the Italian Language School Scuola Leonardo da Vinci
Art Courses in Italy
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