Art Courses in Florence: Drawing and Painting Course


Drawing and painting course in FlorenceDuration Course: from 2 to 24 weeks
Lessons Art Course: you can choose 12 or 20 or 40 lessons in 2 weeks. Max. 24 weeks.
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  • Painting and Drawing

During the drawing course the students will be introduced to the use of various materials such as: charcoal, sanguine and pencil.

As regard to painting: studies include the use of tempera, oil and acrylic colors.


Using these various materials they will learn to interpret the form of still life and figure drawings with live models. They can also work on expressing more fully their own ideas or in copying a work of art.


  • Painting with ancient techniques

The course introduces to the students the painting techniques practised between 1300 and 1500; also the study of the major works of the period from Giotto to Leonardo and Michelangelo. The knowledge gained will be put into practice by the copying of paintings in order that the student may learn the fundamental techniques used; such as egg tempera, gold leaf, up to an including oil colors. The entire process for the realization of complete paintings will be put into practice, from the preparation of the supports to the final glazing.

  • Painting with contemporary techniques

This course is designed to teach the students to use the new language, through learning how to use new support materials (plastic, various canvases, wood, metal) and painting techniques, ranging from the old traditional colors to the use of mixed techniques (such as color applied with sponge, spatulas and rollers). The combination of new support and painting techniques will help the student to develop a new language and personal painting style.

Here some pictures of our drawing or painting classes:

Drawing course in Florence, Italy Drawing class in Florence, Italy Painting course in Florence, Italy

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