Art Courses in Italy: Art in Milan

COURSES: VISUAL ARTS (only in Milan)


Starting dates: special starting dates, please click here
Duration Language Course: min. 4 weeks
Duration Art Course: 12 weeks
Lessons Language Course: min. 80 lessons (4 per day, 20 per week)
Lessons Art Course: 144 lessons
Tuition: on all 6 (monthly) ability levels
Class size: max. 12 participants in language course class
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Thanks to the collaboration with NABA (New Academy of Fine Arts and Design), we are able to offer our students the possibility of attending a semester inside a recognized University of Arts.


The course is aimed at those who wish to discover hidden talents, to develop their critical sense and to further their artistic ability. The student can choose freely between subjects associated with the visual arts, such as painting, drawing and photography. A high importance is placed on the practical painting courses that concentrate on the principal painting techniques. All the practical lessons are held in modern, well-equipped studios where students are supported at every step on the search for their own personal style.



Before starting these courses, students have to attend a language course for a minimum duration of 4 weeks to reach the level necessary to enter in the Art classes. The following language requirements are for beginners:


  • Oriental and Middle Eastern students: 480 lessons of standard language course;
  • Students from UK, USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand: 400 lessons of standard language course;
  • Other European students: 320 lessons of standard language course;
  • Spanish, Portuguese and Southamerican students: 160 lessons of standard language course.


The standard language course of 4 weeks consists of 80 lessons. The Art courses have a duration of 12 weeks and consist of 144 lessons.


Art Courses in Italy are presented by the Italian Language School Scuola Leonardo da Vinci
Art Courses in Italy
presented and made by
ITALIAN LANGUAGE SCHOOL "Scuola Leonardo da Vinci"

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