Art Courses in Florence: Watercolour Course


Italian watercolour course in florence, Italy

Duration Course: 2 weeks
Lessons Art Course: you can choose 12 or 20 or 40 lessons in 2 weeks. Max. 24 weeks.
Tuition: on all 6 (monthly) ability levels
Class size: max. 12 participants in language course class
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Watercolour is a world unto itself; almost a Zen philosophy, without doubt an adventure and journey into your soul! However, it's not necessary to become a philosopher to create a pleasing watercolour, but it is definitely necessary to know the technique.


The first lesson introduces the basic techniques: how to use the paintbrush, how to do a wash of colour and then another one over the top, how to dilute a colour. You will immediately do a simple watercolour in one colour, to try and consolidate these techniques.


In the following lessons you will use all the colours, learning to balance hot and cold colours and at first painting easy subjects but then progressing to harder ones as proposed by the teacher. At the same time you will learn to assess your work, identifying the positive aspects and improving the unsatisfactory aspects. This course is suitable for students who already know how to draw quite well. At the end of the course (two or four weeks) you will be able to paint a still life of various subjects and know enough to be able to continue at home, personalizing your watercolours.


Give a look to our students' watercolours

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