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Jewellery design in Florence

Starting dates: every Monday, all year round
Duration: Minimum 12 Weeks
Lessons: 4 per day, 20 per week
Italian language: intermediate ability recommended
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At our school center in Florence we offer Courses in Jewellery, Stone Setting, Chasing and Gemology combined with our language courses, lasting 3 months to one year.


This course is directed to the making of high quality objects. The course includes different ways of Goldsmithing. At the beginning students learn to make simple objects to get acquainted with the tools and various material, and how to handle the different gems and metals. Afterwards they learn how to give shapes to the metal plates and wires, and how to make modern objects with mobile elements and parts made with metal embossement techniques. The third part of more classical teaching will be using techniques like: Open-working (boring), Florentine Style and elements constructed with metal wires.
This course also includes Design lessons and also Wax-working lessons.
Jewellery Design course in florence


Stone Setting
This course helps to experiment all the most used stone setting systems. Starting with metal plates the students are brought to learn how to use the tools and gems. Students are given semi-finished jewels given them by the best Goldsmiths in Florence. The quantity and variety of those objects helps to see and repeat the most commonly used types of stone setting, reaching in the end those types less used. Although this course is studied for students starting at zero, it is also suited for craftsmen and stone setters who want to borden their knowledge with the newest techniques.


The Chisel & Embossed Work Course provides the three most important stages, which will instruct the attendance at technical and practical abilities for jewel and silver chisel.


Jewellery Open Work
Jewellery Open Work course in Florence This course “Traforo Fiorentino” teaches the refinement of the jewellery which has made Florence famous all over the world: the “Florentine Style”.


Course to obtain charming designs, simple and particular inscriptions from the precious metal, all with the guidance of real craftsmen who have been working in the sector for many years.


Wax Working
Jewellery courses in Florence In the Wax Casting course students learn to extract, from the soft wax, the most fantasy filled forms to curry out in precious metals. Participants will be modelling the different types of wax (hard, medium, soft, tube, slab, block), use of the saw, scalpels, files, emery-paper and spirit lamp, soldering techniques with electric pen, bezel making for stones and settings, polishing of the wax prototype and finishing of the piece and casting with metal fusion.


The Gemology Course is the best opportunity to have an adequate road to be followed for dealers, shopkeepers and artisans who have to do, for their profession, with the analysis and the recognition of the gems.


Jewellery Design
Jewellery Design course in Florence, Italy The Jewellery Design Course is oganized in order to hold account of the various levels of preparation of students. Much importance will be given to upgrades of the imaginative and creative work of every participant in order to make him understand the importance of the smallest intuition in the planning of the jewellery.

Art Courses in Italy are presented by the Italian Language School Scuola Leonardo da Vinci
Art Courses in Italy
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